Backed by our professional customer service team, we at BOSUN provide a comprehensive range of services, such as consultation, technical support, OEM services, etc. To make customers better understand our products, we can provide charged samples, and the customers have to pay the shipping cost. However, the fee for samples will be deducted from customers' first purchase. Fast delivery time is also available, usually from four to eight weeks.

Main Products
    1. Diamond Core Bits
    2. Diamond Core BitsThe diamond core bit is designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools, to drill reinforced concrete, abrasive concrete, asphalt, bricks, granite, marbles and other construction materials. The diamond core bit features simple structure and good performance of strength, wear-resistance and impact resistance.
      With high sharpness, the diamond core bit can drill hard stones efficiently and reduce labor intensity. In order to improve the stability, BOSUN increased the body and blade height of their side, so the drill can be dynamically balanced during high-speed rotation.
    1. Double Row Cup Wheel
    2. Double Row Cup WheelThe double row cup wheel is specially designed by BOSUN to grind and polish the incised stones to make them more flat and smooth. As a good grinding tool is the key to a good processing effect, we recommend our double row cup wheel as first choice. The double row cup wheel is a wheel body with diamond segments welded, which contains diamond grits and agglutinant. Moreover, the corners of the material will be processed as well as the other parts.
      The double row structure makes the surface area of the diamond segments much bigger than common ones and contributes ...
    1. GSA Floor Grinding Machine
    2. GSA Floor Grinding MachineThe GSA-250 floor grinding machine features a strong 2.2 Kw motor. Our product grinds concrete and stone and it is also suitable to work on both wet and dry floor. Additionally, the foldable handle and well-designed frame makes our floor grinding machine very easy to be transported.
      The floor grinding machine meets the industrial standards. It provides a cost-efficient solution and it meets various demands in grinding tasks. It has a bubble level that shows its proper balance and its head can be turned 80º left or right making easy ...