1. MGA Floor SawThe MGA-450 floor saw cuts through concrete and asphalt up to 160 mm deep. Our saw features a powerful gasoline engine which makes it a strong floor saw. It offers effective cutting on both sides. Its wheel is adjustable for lower and higher position making operation much easier consuming less time and efforts. The floor saw meets the industrial standards and it is a reliable solution for various jobs.
      Our floor saw has cutting depth stop block.
    1. MGC Floor SawThe MGC-450 floor saw is ergonomic. Either the comfortable handle or the lifting aided spring will make job more convenient. It has frame structure, thus the floor saw not only appears beautiful but also works wonderfully. Additionally, the floor saw cuts through concrete and asphalt up to 160 mm deep thanks to the powerful gasoline engine. Also, the wheel is adjustable for lower and higher position.
      The floor saw has foam rubber handles will make user feel comfortable while working.
    1. MDA Floor SawThe MDA-750 floor saw is a strong power machine easy to be used. By various control system and adjustable handles, our product provides to professional users a comfortable and convenient operation. Powered by the 44 HP diesel engine, the floor saw offers a super high cutting speed and robust performance.
      The floor saw is set with an E-stop in case of any emergency.
    1. GSA Floor Grinding MachineThe GSA-250 floor grinding machine features a strong 2.2 Kw motor. Our product grinds concrete and stone and it is also suitable to work on both wet and dry floor. Additionally, the foldable handle and well-designed frame makes our floor grinding machine very easy to be transported.
      The floor grinding machine meets the industrial standards. It provides a cost-efficient solution and it meets various demands in grinding tasks.
    1. GSE Floor Grinding MachineThe GSE-250 floor grinding machine features a well-designed adjustable handle in a range of 60º to 165º and it can be folded or unfolded. This ergonomic design not only ensures a compact structure much convenience in storage and transportation but also makes it easy to operate. A height control device is applied to make opportune adjusts of the grinding head. With these properties our grinding machine ensures a comfort operation in wet and dry grinding duties.
    1. Masonry SawThe masonry saw features high cutting capacity for different materials such as stone, concrete and ceramics. Our masonry saw is very efficient thanks to the high power asynchronous motor. Besides, the saw offers marks to make 45º and 90º cutting making easier and convenient.
      Additionally, power protection device is adapted in our masonry saw to prevent the motor from any potential damage in overloading.
    1. Handheld Core Drill MachineAdopting AC series electromotor, the handheld core drill machine is light in weight, very convenient to take and safe to operate. It can match various diamond drill bits. Additionally, our core drill machine can be used in both wet and dry drilling. Its ergonomic design makes our product very comfortable to operate during the drilling work.
      The handheld core drill machine is wildly used in installation of water tube, electrical lines ...
    1. Vertical Core Drill Machine Z1Z-200MThe Z1Z-200M vertical core drill machine is equipped with a high grade heavy duty industrial motor to provide strong power. The high-quality carbon brushes assure a longer life span and make the vertical core drill machine much easier to maintain. Additionally, centrifugal fans are adopted to improve an efficient cooling.
      Meanwhile, the gears inside the core drill are treated by subzero quenching ...
    1. Vertical Core Drill Machine 254AThe 254A vertical core drill machine has easy and efficient operation with strong power perfectly suitable for professional use. The jackscrew provides stabilized support and the drilling rig is adjustable to fits the location by adjusting the carriage in the column. The column can be tilted by loosening two hex bolts. The vertical core drill machine has a motor that can be easily connected to the rig without help of connecting plate.
    1. Vertical Core Drill Machine 305SThe vertical core drill machine has a jackscrew for ceiling and back-wall bracing.
      Through the carriage in the column, it regulates drilling rig to fit any location and this column can be tilted when is needed by loosing its two hex bolts. The vertical core drill machine has a large drilling ranging from 55 mm to 305 mm with favorable adaptation of the speed corresponding to the drilling diameter
      The vertical core drill machine is manufactured filling the European safety directives.
    1. Hammer DrillThe hammer drill is a rotary drill with hammer action, easy and efficient operating tool with strong power specially made for professional users. It is also known as rotary hammer. It offers a short but fast hammer thrust to grind brittle or delicate material and also drills effortless.
      Our hammer drill has functions of hammer mode and drill mode to be used separately or in combination. It is used to drill holes in several kinds of stones or concrete to pin wall framing and other applications.
    1. Universal Circular TCT Saw BladeThe universal circular TCT saw blade adopts high-performance alloy sintered by nanoscale tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals with advanced technology. Sharp and durable, the universal circular TCT saw blade is broadly used in cutting solid wood in home decoration, construction, engineering and other industries. Precision of our universal circular TCT saw blades are greatly improved as BOSUN imported the CNC automatic laser welding machines ...
    1. Hard Wood Ripping Saw BladeThe hard wood ripping saw blades are one kind of the universal saw blades by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of woodworking saw blades with more than 20 years experience. As the inner structure of wood is not even, the demand of rip cutting and cross cutting for saw blades is not all the same. The new emerged saw blades claim to be adaptive to rip cutting and cross cutting. As long this theory is not proved to be effective, BOSUN continues offering all models of saw blades ...
    1. Scoring Circular TCT Saw BladeThe scoring circular TCT saw blade is specially designed to slot at the bottom of different kinds of veneers including cork, hardwood, cut deal, shaving board, single-side veneered shaving board, two-side veneered shaving board, two-side plastic veneered shaving board, single-side veneered MDF board, plywood, fibre board, etc.
      Avoiding the crack of veneers and featured by a high precision and a sharp cutting edge.
    1. TCT Saw Blade for Chipboard, MDF, Laminated BoardThe TCT saw blade for chipboard, MDF, laminated board is professionally designed to cut MDF, HDF, laminated board, shaving board and other materials, according to hardness and other characteristics. As the tungsten carbide is sintered by pulverous hard materials and filler, it has better abrasion-resistant performance compared to common steel and excellent rigidity even under high temperature. The TCT saw blade for chipboard, MDF, laminated board is made of tungsten carbide ...
    1. TCT Saw Blade for Plywood, Block BoardThe TCT saw blade for plywood and block board by BOSUN is a kind of professional woodworking saw blade that features sharp edge, long service life and good cutting quality. It is adaptive to manual edger and automatic edger and is widely applied in decoration, construction and engineering industries to cut plywood, building formwork and block board.
      The TCT saw blade for plywood and block board can keep a smooth ...
    1. Universal Steel Cutting Saw BladeThe universal steel cutting saw blade is a special product in BOSUN to cut aluminium or non-ferrous metal. It is also known as the universal steel cutting circular saw blade for aluminium or non-ferrous metal use. As non-ferrous metal is hard to process, its requirements of cutting performance and blade precision are stricter and needs to be meticulously designed and manufactured.
      We adopt high-performance alloy segments that sintered by nanoscale tungsten carbide ...
    1. Ferrous Metal Saw BladeThe ferrous metal saw blade has been designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years experience, to cut ferrous metal. As one of the special steel cutting saw blades, the ferrous metal saw blade is equipped with unique alloy segments which are sharp and have high strength, long service life as well as good impact resistance. Precision of the ferrous metal saw blade is also improved by importing the CNC-controlled automatic laser welding machine from Germany.
    1. Aluminum-Non-Ferrous Metal Saw BladeThe aluminum-non-ferrous metal saw blade is a kind of special steel cutting saw blade designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier whose products have been known in the international market for high cost-effectiveness and good reputation. The aluminum-non-ferrous metal saw blade can be applied in miter saws and panel sizing saws.
      Widely used in furniture-decorating, construction industry and engineering ...
    1. PCD Cup WheelThe PCD cup wheel is extensively used on grinders. It consists of a wheel body and diamond grits that welded or inlaid on it. By high speed rotation, the diamond grits will grind the ground surface. The PCD cup wheel can achieve high precision and efficiency during high speed grinding due to its high hardness and good abrasion resistance. It has thermal conductivity and excellent compression strength as well. Segments of the PCD cup wheel contains more diamond grits ...
    1. PCD Grinder HeadThe PCD grinder head is used to process different kinds of hard materials like marble, granite, terrazzo, etc. As the traditional grinder head is made-hand manufactured with old technology and simple equipments, its production cycle can last for a month, causing uncertainty during the process. The PCD grinder head, however, is sintered as a whole by diamond and agglutinant of mixed metal powders under high-temperature and high-pressure environment.

BOSUN is a professional diamond tool, power tool, and TCT saw blade manufacturer based in China. Our products include general purpose blade, diamond core bit, concrete blade, double row cup wheel, floor grinding machine, special steel cutting saw blade, and much more.