BOSUN is a specialized diamond tool manufacturer in China. We offer general purpose blade, concrete blade, diamond core bit, diamond cup wheel, and more. We also provide power tools and TCT saw blades such as masonry saw, floor grinding machine and steel cutting saw blade. Thanks to our commitment to quality, our company have received ISO9001 certificate, and our products have been awarded certificates such as EN13236, MPA, and CE, and more.

Main Products
    1. Masonry Saw
    2. Masonry SawThe masonry saw features high cutting capacity for different materials such as stone, concrete and ceramics. Our masonry saw is very efficient thanks to the high power asynchronous motor. Besides, the saw offers marks to make 45º and 90º cutting making easier and convenient.
      Additionally, power protection device is adapted in our masonry saw to prevent the motor from any potential damage in overloading. Moreover, a circulated cooling water device further protects the blade during continuous working.
    1. Universal Saw Blade
    2. Universal Saw BladeThe universal circular TCT saw blade adopts high-performance alloy sintered by nanoscale tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals with advanced technology. Sharp and durable, the universal circular TCT saw blade is broadly used in cutting solid wood in home decoration, construction, engineering and other industries. Precision of our universal circular TCT saw blades are greatly improved as BOSUN imported the CNC automatic laser welding machines and PLC-controlled high-precision edge finishing machines from Germany.