PCD Grinder Head

PCD Grinder Head

The PCD grinder head is used to process different kinds of hard materials like marble, granite, terrazzo, etc. As the traditional grinder head is made-hand manufactured with old technology and simple equipments, its production cycle can last for a month, causing uncertainty during the process. The PCD grinder head, however, is sintered as a whole by diamond and agglutinant of mixed metal powders under high-temperature and high-pressure environment. It has good attachment and will not drop off easily.

The PCD grinder head is manufactured and processed by computer-controlled equipments with low cost now that the price of diamond is coming down. The PCD grinder head by BOSUN has a reasonable proportion of ingredients. The diamond grits are strongly cohered with the agglutinant expanding its service life. The PCD grinder head has high processing precision, especially when applied in automatic granite polishing production line.

The PCD grinder head has super sharpness grinding the stone with less cutting force and saving electricity. The PCD grinder head can also improve the driving speed of the conveyer belt and increase the working efficiency. Glossiness of the stones will be improved by more than 8 degrees with our PCD grinder head. It's highly sharp and abrasion resistant, highly efficient and secure. It can help to save electricity and increase working efficiency as well as the glossiness of products.

Specifications of the PCD Grinder Head

Item No. D-mm z
GHAP 266 2
GHSP 266 2

As an experienced PCD grinder head manufacturer in China, we provide a comprehensive range of products including special steel cutting saw blade, masonry saw, floor grinding machine, general purpose blade and more.

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