Aluminum-Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

Aluminum-Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

The aluminum-non-ferrous metal saw blade is a kind of special steel cutting saw blade designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier whose products have been known in the international market for high cost-effectiveness and good reputation. The aluminum-non-ferrous metal saw blade can be applied in miter saws and panel sizing saws.

Widely used in furniture-decorating, construction industry and engineering, the aluminum-non-ferrous metal saw blade can be used to cut all kinds of aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous materials as well as solid aluminum. During the operation of the aluminum-non-ferrous metal saw blade, objects to be cut must be fastened to protect the saw blade and keep a clean and straight cutting edge. BOSUN adopts tungsten carbide alloy segments to achieve high strength, good impact-resistance and outstanding sharpness.

Specifications of the Aluminum-Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

Item No. D-mm B-mm d-mm z
MAG250080P 250 3.2 30 80
MAG254080P 254 2.8 30 80
MAG254100P 254 2.8 25.4 100
MAG254120P 254 2.8 15.875 120
MAG255100P 255 3 30 100
MAG255120P 255 3 30 120
MAG300096P 300 3.2 30 96
MAG300100P 300 3.2 30 100
MAG300120P 300 3.2 30 120
MAG305072P 305 3.2 30 72
MAG305096P 305 3.2 30 96
MAG305100P 305 3.2 30 100
MAG305120P 305 3.2 30 120
MAG355100P 355 3.4 30 100
MAG355120P 355 3.4 30 120
MAG400100P 400 3.4 30 100
MAG400120P 400 3.4 30 120

BOSUN is a professional special steel cutting saw blade manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer aluminum-non-ferrous metal saw blade, universal saw blade, general purpose blade, masonry saw and much more.

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