Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

The ferrous metal saw blade has been designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years experience, to cut ferrous metal. As one of the special steel cutting saw blades, the ferrous metal saw blade is equipped with unique alloy segments which are sharp and have high strength, long service life as well as good impact resistance. Precision of the ferrous metal saw blade is also improved by importing the CNC-controlled automatic laser welding machine from Germany.

BOSUN adopts staggered tooth in the design of the segments to make the ferrous metal saw blade more suitable to cut low-carbon steel and make the cutting surface cleaner and smoother without deviation or damage to the edge. The ferrous metal saw blade has got the advantages of similar products from both domestic and abroad, featuring advanced technologies, reasonable structures and steady performance. Widely used in construction industry and engineering, the ferrous metal saw blade is the best choice.

Specifications of the Ferrous Metal Saw Blade

Item No. D-mm B-mm d-mm z
MFG184036P 184 2.1 25.4 36
MFG203048P 203 2.1 25.4 48
MFG230048P 230 2.0 25.4 48
MFG254052P 254 2.5 25.4 52
MFG305060P 305 2.2 25.4 60
MFK355090P 355 2.4 25.4 90

As a professional ferrous metal saw blade manufacturer based in China, we not only provide special steel cutting saw blade, but also offer woodworking saw blade, masonry saw, diamond core bit, floor grinding machine and more.

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