Woodworking Saw Blades

    1. Universal Saw BladeUniversal Circular TCT Saw Blade
      The universal circular TCT saw blade adopts high-performance alloy sintered by nanoscale tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals with advanced technology. Sharp and durable, the universal circular TCT saw blade is broadly used in cutting solid wood in home decoration, construction, engineering and other industries. Precision of our universal circular TCT saw blades are greatly improved ...
    1. Special Saw BladeScoring Circular TCT Saw Blade
      The scoring circular TCT saw blade is specially designed to slot at the bottom of different kinds of veneers including cork, hardwood, cut deal, shaving board, single-side veneered shaving board, two-side veneered shaving board, two-side plastic veneered shaving board, single-side veneered MDF board, plywood, fibre board, etc.

As a specialized woodworking saw blade manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide universal saw blade, special steel cutting saw blade, masonry saw, diamond core bit and much more.

Other products
    1. Universal Steel Cutting Saw BladeThe universal steel cutting saw blade is a special product in BOSUN to cut aluminium or non-ferrous metal. It is also known as the universal steel cutting circular saw blade for aluminium or non-ferrous metal use. As non-ferrous metal is hard to process, its requirements of cutting performance and blade precision are stricter and needs to be meticulously designed and manufactured.
      We adopt high-performance alloy segments that sintered by nanoscale tungsten carbide ...
    1. Ferrous Metal Saw BladeThe ferrous metal saw blade has been designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years experience, to cut ferrous metal. As one of the special steel cutting saw blades, the ferrous metal saw blade is equipped with unique alloy segments which are sharp and have high strength, long service life as well as good impact resistance. Precision of the ferrous metal saw blade is also improved by importing the CNC-controlled automatic laser welding machine from Germany.