Hard Wood Ripping Saw Blade

Hard Wood Ripping Saw Blade

The hard wood ripping saw blades are one kind of the universal saw blades by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of woodworking saw blades with more than 20 years experience. As the inner structure of wood is not even, the demand of rip cutting and cross cutting for saw blades is not all the same. The new emerged saw blades claim to be adaptive to rip cutting and cross cutting. As long this theory is not proved to be effective, BOSUN continues offering all models of saw blades for each purpose separately.

The hard wood ripping saw blade can be applied with handheld saws and table saws and are widely used to incise dry fir, poplar, pine and other timbers or man-made plates. Timbers processed by the hard wood ripping saw blade has smooth and clean surface without fissures and rags. Featured by low noise, high precision and sharp edge, the hard wood ripping saw blade reduces the rejection ratio of the products and thus control the cost. With a sharper blade, the cutting efficiency is improved and labor cost is lower, too.

During the operation of the hard wood ripping saw blade, the timbers must be fastened to prevent a sudden contact with the blades which may cause damage to the blades and flying out of timbers. Feeding or withdrawing the blade too fast when starting or stopping the cut may broke the segments of the blade. Keeping the dust removing from grooves and the slag sucking devices will help to maintain a safe process. Continuous dry cutting for long hours may reduce the service life and cutting effect of the hard ripping saw blade and wet cutting with conducting liquid like water may cause leakage of electricity.

Specifications of the Hard Wood Ripping Saw Blade

Item No. D-mm B-mm d-mm z
WYZ150040S 150 2.4 62 40
WYZ165046S 165 2.4 62 46
WYZ180040S 180 2.1 25.4 40
WYZ180060S 180 2.1 25.4 60
WYZ184024S 184 2.2 25.4 24
WYZ200040S 200 2.3 25.4 40
WYZ200060S 200 2.3 25.4 60
WYZ230040S 230 2.4 25.4 40
WYZ230060S 230 2.4 25.4 60
WYZ250040S 250 2.6 25.4 40
WYZ250060S 250 2.6 25.4 60
WYZ300040S 300 2.8 30 40
WYZ300060S 300 2.8 30 60
WYZ300080S 300 2.8 30 80
WYZ350040S 350 3 30 40
WYZ350060S 350 3 30 60
WYZ350080S 350 3 30 80
WYZ400040S 400 3.2 30 40
WYZ400060S 400 3.2 30 60

We are a hard wood ripping saw blade manufacturer based in China. We offer a vast range of products, including special steel cutting saw blade, double row cup wheel, masonry saw, diamond core bit and others.

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