Universal Circular TCT Saw Blade

Universal Circular TCT Saw Blade

The universal circular TCT saw blade adopts high-performance alloy sintered by nanoscale tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals with advanced technology. Sharp and durable, the universal circular TCT saw blade is broadly used in cutting solid wood in home decoration, construction, engineering and other industries. Precision of our universal circular TCT saw blades are greatly improved as BOSUN imported the CNC automatic laser welding machines and PLC-controlled high-precision edge finishing machines from Germany.

We also adopt a unique processing technology of zonal cone rolling with circular rotation which gives the universal circular TCT saw blade excellent rigidity. BOSUN imported a whole set of automatic cold pressing machines to improve efficiency and quality reducing rejection ratio to from 2% to less than 1%. With such advantages, our universal circular TCT saw blade can achieve excellent straightness and smoothness on the surface of timber. Moreover, they are very adaptive and can be used in handheld saws as well as table saws to incise all kinds of solid woods and man-made plates.

Choosing the appropriate woodworking saw blades will help to control the cost and improve working efficiency. But an appropriate product is not all about the blade. The diameter, segments number, thickness and aperture also matter. At BOSUN we provide different models of universal circular TCT saw blades with their detailed specifications and parameters listed below.

Specifications of the Universal Circular TCT Saw Blade

Item No. D-mm B-mm d-mm z
WXZ250080S 250 2.6 25.4 80
WXZ254072S 254 2.5 15.875 72
WXZ300072S 300 3.2 30 72
WXZ305060S 305 3.2 25.4 60
WXZ305096S 305 3.2 30 96
WXZ350120S 350 3.0 30 120

As a China-based universal circular TCT saw blade manufacturer, we provide not only universal saw blade, but also steel cutting saw blade, PCD cutting tool, general purpose blade, masonry saw and much more.

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