Core Drill Machine

    1. Handheld Core Drill MachineAdopting AC series electromotor, the handheld core drill machine is light in weight, very convenient to take and safe to operate. It can match various diamond drill bits. Additionally, our core drill machine can be used in both wet and dry drilling. Its ergonomic design makes our product very comfortable to operate during the drilling work.
      The handheld core drill machine is wildly used in installation of water tube, electrical lines ...
    1. Vertical Core Drill MachineVertical Core Drill Machine Z1Z-200M
      The Z1Z-200M vertical core drill machine is equipped with a high grade heavy duty industrial motor to provide strong power. The high-quality carbon brushes assure a longer life span and make the vertical core drill machine much easier to maintain. Additionally, centrifugal fans are adopted to improve an efficient cooling.

As a specialized core drill machine manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides hammer drill, floor grinding machine, universal circular TCT saw blade and general purpose blades among others.

Other products
    1. Hammer DrillThe hammer drill is a rotary drill with hammer action, easy and efficient operating tool with strong power specially made for professional users. It is also known as rotary hammer. It offers a short but fast hammer thrust to grind brittle or delicate material and also drills effortless.
      Our hammer drill has functions of hammer mode and drill mode to be used separately or in combination. It is used to drill holes in several kinds of stones or concrete to pin wall framing and other applications.
    1. MGA Floor SawThe MGA-450 floor saw cuts through concrete and asphalt up to 160 mm deep. Our saw features a powerful gasoline engine which makes it a strong floor saw. It offers effective cutting on both sides. Its wheel is adjustable for lower and higher position making operation much easier consuming less time and efforts. The floor saw meets the industrial standards and it is a reliable solution for various jobs.
      Our floor saw has cutting depth stop block.