Vertical Core Drill Machine

Vertical Core Drill Machine

The 254A vertical core drill machine has easy and efficient operation with strong power perfectly suitable for professional use. The jackscrew provides stabilized support and the drilling rig is adjustable to fits the location by adjusting the carriage in the column. The column can be tilted by loosening two hex bolts. The vertical core drill machine has a motor that can be easily connected to the rig without help of connecting plate.

According to the European products safety directives, our vertical core drill machine provides double insulation and additional earth wire to protect the operator when drilling through an electric wire by accident. Our core drill also fits the standard of PRCD, Portable Residual Current Device.

The motor of our vertical core drill machine provides soft start to avoid excessive current. But if the current exceeds the overload threshold, a pulsation of the motor will be shown to warn the operator to decrease the power. When the feed power is decreased, the motor starts at once normally.

Compared with thermal mother overload switch, our technique doesn't require that operator waits for the motor to start again. The motor's temperature of the vertical core drill machine is recorded by its intelligent transmission and overload threshold decreases if the temperature goes up. The intelligence transmission prevents overload conditions and provides safety, prolongs motor life span and makes comfort for operators.

The drilling speed can be adjusted from a large range of 63 - 254 mm by the 2-speeds change gearing. The steel column not only provides enhanced strength to our vertical core drill machine but also makes the product appealing. Additionally, it has an anchor to fix the position and balance the base to work with more stability.

Specifications of the Vertical Core Drill Machine 254A

Model Z1Z-254A Rated Voltage 230 V Rated Current 15.5 A
Rated Power 3500 W Output Power 2200 W Rated Power Supply Frequency 50 HZ
Load Rev 600/280 rmp Drilling Diameter 63-254 mm Spindle Screw Thread 1-1/4"UNC
Slide Bushing Travel 659.5 mm Clutch Torque 60-65 N./M Weight 31.0 Kg
Packing Size 1050 x 400 x 485 mm

As a professional vertical core drill machine manufacturer in China, BOSUN also provides floor grinding machine, universal saw blade, uniform distribution diamond blade, diamond core bit and much more.

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