Handheld Core Drill Machine

Handheld Core Drill Machine

Adopting AC series electromotor, the handheld core drill machine is light in weight, very convenient to take and safe to operate. It can match various diamond drill bits. Additionally, our core drill machine can be used in both wet and dry drilling. Its ergonomic design makes our product very comfortable to operate during the drilling work.

The handheld core drill machine is wildly used in installation of water tube, electrical lines, gas pipeline, staircase handrail and other drilling works. It can also be used in core drilling on the surface of reinforced concrete, masonry and pavement.

Thanks to high strength engineering plastics, the motor of the handheld core drill machine is in a solid case with great insulation. It has a retractable shoulder to make the operator feel more comfortable and high quality gears to provide great stability during continuous work. The water valve is well-designed with a national patented technology. It is very easy to be connected with outer water supply and it is also quite convenient to change the seal ring.

Specifications of the Handheld Core Drill Machine

Rated Voltage 115V, 240V No-Load Speed 1870 rpm
Rated Current 115V/12A, 240V/5.6A Rated Speed 1050 rpm
Power Input 1350 W Torque Output 8 N.m
Power Output 870 W Packing Size 530 × 360 × 145 mm
Max. Diameter 110 mm Weight 4.5 kg

As a handheld core drill machine manufacturer based in China, BOSUN provides a broad range of products that includes floor grinding machine, woodworking saw blade, general purpose blade, double row cup wheel and more.

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