Masonry Saw

Masonry Saw

The masonry saw features high cutting capacity for different materials such as stone, concrete and ceramics. Our masonry saw is very efficient thanks to the high power asynchronous motor. Besides, the saw offers marks to make 45º and 90º cutting making easier and convenient.

Additionally, power protection device is adapted in our masonry saw to prevent the motor from any potential damage in overloading. Moreover, a circulated cooling water device further protects the blade during continuous working.

Our masonry saw features a high-performance motor. This motor can reach an excellent speed and assures that this hand tool works smoothly and stably during sawing. The blade guard assures horizontal stay to make a full depth cut and the water hose connected to the guard makes wet cutting available.

The 45º tilting mark makes bevel cutting available. The legs and rear wheels are easily removed. This special design makes assembly and transportation of the masonry saw very easy and convenient. An overload protection device is equipped in the switch to prevent any damage if overloading occurs. By fixing the conveyor cart to water tank, the locking device in fixing plate ensures the transportation of our masonry saw to be safe and easy.

Its water pump is highly efficiency continuously cooling the blade while sawing. The stopping rubber prevents conveyor cart from slipping out of the table. The masonry saw has wear-resistant steel wheels ensuring higher loading capacity of the conveyor cart moving it smoothly through the table.

Specifications of the Masonry Saw

Rated Voltage 230V/50HZ Rated Power 2200 W
Max. Cutting Depth 90 mm Cutting Length 650 mm
Rated Speed 2800 r/min Blade Diameter 350 mm
Arbor Size 25.4 mm Packing Size 1320 x 740 x 825 mm
Weight 80 Kg

We are a professional masonry saw manufacturer based in China. In addition to power tool, we also offer TCT saw blades and diamond tools, such as woodworking saw blade, diamond core bit and general purpose blades.

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