MDA Floor Saw

MDA Floor Saw

The MDA-750 floor saw is a strong power machine easy to be used. By various control system and adjustable handles, our product provides to professional users a comfortable and convenient operation. Powered by the 44 HP diesel engine, the floor saw offers a super high cutting speed and robust performance.

The floor saw is set with an E-stop in case of any emergency. It's able to stop the machine immediately to prevent damages or injuries. The cutting speed of our floor saw can be easily adjusted by the throttle control. It has also a clutch control used to engage or disengage the machine from manual mode to walk behind mode. With the hydraulically-controlled handle, operator easily moves forward, backward or stops the floor saw smoothly. The handles can be adjusted to different positions.

The floor saw has a tachometer indicating blade's rotation per minute. To cut different materials, the operator can choose the proper blade with the help of this tachometer rpm indicator. It also shows the cumulative running hours of the machine. The diesel fuel gauge clearly indicates the amount of fuel left in the tank. The floor saw blade cooling system can be connected to water hose in order to cool the blade and clear the dust. By adjusting the cutting depth control, the cutting depth can be easily set and kept.

Specifications of MDA Floor Saw

Power 33KW (44HP) Fuel Diesel
Blade Diameter 14" -30" (350-750 mm) Max. Cutting Depth 305 mm
Walking Speed 0-60 m/min Packing Size 1210 x 910 x 1340 mm

We are an experienced floor saw manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including masonry saw, core drill machine, general purpose blade, woodworking saw blade and others.

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      Our floor saw has cutting depth stop block.
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      The floor saw has foam rubber handles will make user feel comfortable while working.