MGA Floor Saw

MGA Floor Saw

The MGA-450 floor saw cuts through concrete and asphalt up to 160 mm deep. Our saw features a powerful gasoline engine which makes it a strong floor saw. It offers effective cutting on both sides. Its wheel is adjustable for lower and higher position making operation much easier consuming less time and efforts. The floor saw meets the industrial standards and it is a reliable solution for various jobs.

Our floor saw has cutting depth stop block. It's specifically designed to control the cutting depth and keep it while working. This allows for a smooth, reliable performance. With the engine throttle accelerator, operator adjusts the engine throttle at any time to fit the different circumstances while sawing. The external water coupler is made according to Europe and American standards and can be adapted to run the water or to take water from buckets. Operator can stop the floor saw easily pressing its break at any time while sawing. If any urgent situation occurs, the floor saw emergency stop turns off the machine immediately to prevent any possible injuries.

The floor saw provides a visual gauge to show the cutting depth to the operator. It could take the blade on either side of the machine and the blade comes with an interchangeable half-open blade guard. Its foot pedal is well-designed to make work comfortable. Our floor saw has structural strength. It adopts frame structure and high-quality steel tube. Therefore, our product provides not only true quality but also a beautiful appearance.

Specification of the MGA Floor Saw

Engine Honda GX390 (Made in China) Speed 2500 rpm
Max Cutting Depth 160 mm Blade Diameter 300 - 450 mm
Max Torque 26.5N/M Packing Size 1200 x 660 x 1140 mm
Shaft Size 25.4 mm Weight 110 Kg

As a specialized floor saw manufacturer in China, our company offers a broad range of products that includes masonry saw, special steel cutting saw blade, diamond core bit and concrete blade among others.

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    1. MGC Floor SawThe MGC-450 floor saw is ergonomic. Either the comfortable handle or the lifting aided spring will make job more convenient. It has frame structure, thus the floor saw not only appears beautiful but also works wonderfully. Additionally, the floor saw cuts through concrete and asphalt up to 160 mm deep thanks to the powerful gasoline engine. Also, the wheel is adjustable for lower and higher position.
      The floor saw has foam rubber handles will make user feel comfortable while working.
    1. MDA Floor SawThe MDA-750 floor saw is a strong power machine easy to be used. By various control system and adjustable handles, our product provides to professional users a comfortable and convenient operation. Powered by the 44 HP diesel engine, the floor saw offers a super high cutting speed and robust performance.
      The floor saw is set with an E-stop in case of any emergency.