Polishing Pad

    1. Dry Polishing PadThe dry polishing pad is used in polishing and processing different kinds of stones. It will make the surface of the stone cleaner and smoother. Marble and granite that has been used for a long time will be abraded but by using the dry polishing pad they will look like brand new.
      As a professional company in the industry of diamond tools, at BOSUN we provide all kinds of dry polishing pads. It consists of a pad and abrasive materials which are refined to tiny grains ...
    1. Wet Polishing PadThe wet polishing pad is designed to polish marble and granite making the surface cleaner and smoother. As a professional company in diamond tools and processing, at BOSUN we provide all kinds of wet polishing pads. The wet polishing pad is round with a hole in the middle. Convex abrasive materials are spread evenly on the pad to polish the stone more effectively. With a scientific design of the convex shape, polishing liquid will be transferred to different sections of the wet polishing pad ...

BOSUN is a professional polishing pad manufacturer in China. We provide an extensive line of products, including general purpose blade, universal saw blade, floor grinding machine, diamond core bit and more.

Other products
    1. F1 General Purpose BladeThe F1 general purpose blade consists of a main body and a rigid cutting blade that contains diamond. Based on the customers' requirements, the general purpose blade can be used in the traditional dry cutting as well as wet cutting with water. After cutting, the kerfs will be smooth and no damage would be made with the edge. BOSUN adopts advanced welding technology to strengthen the adhesion between the body and blade, so the blade would not drop off easily and good durability is guaranteed.
    1. F2 General Purpose BladeThe F2 general purpose blade has been designed to be a stone cutting tool. It adopts a high quality body and guarantees an excellent cutting effect. The cutting edge of the blade contains diamond, so the blade is very rigid and can be used to cut all kinds of hard or brittle materials. No fissures or breakage would be made to the objects to be cut. It is generally adaptive to cutting concrete, cement floors, cement tiles, bricks, tiles, glass, ceramics, refractory bricks and other hard or brittle construction materials.