Dry Polishing Pad

Dry Polishing Pad

The dry polishing pad is used in polishing and processing different kinds of stones. It will make the surface of the stone cleaner and smoother. Marble and granite that has been used for a long time will be abraded but by using the dry polishing pad they will look like brand new.

As a professional company in the industry of diamond tools, at BOSUN we provide all kinds of dry polishing pads. It consists of a pad and abrasive materials which are refined to tiny grains so that the polishing pad will be sharper with faster polishing speed. During the manufacturing process, BOSUN adopts a special adhesive, so abrasive materials will be adhered more solidly to the main pad for better results.

With reasonably arranged grooves on the surface, the dry polishing pad will extract dust and particles more efficiently and prevent them from jamming the grooves and damage the stone. The dry polishing pad is also very stable during operation because of a scientific force-balanced design which helps to keep an excellent plainness after polishing. The dry polishing pad does not need any water to cool while operating and fits angle grinders and milling machines perfectly.

Specifications of the Dry Polishing Pad

Item No. Dia Segment High Grit Arbor
DPP4-0050 100 mm 1.5 mm 50# 16 mm
DPP4-0100 100 mm 1.5 mm 100# 16 mm
DPP4-0200 100 mm 1.5 mm 200# 16 mm
DPP4-0400 100 mm 1.5 mm 400# 16 mm
DPP4-0800 100 mm 1.5 mm 800# 16 mm
DPP4-1500 100 mm 1.5 mm 1500# 16 mm
DPP4-3000 100 mm 1.5 mm 3000# 16 mm
DPP4-buff black 100 mm 1.5 mm buff# 16 mm
DPP4-buff white 100 mm 1.5 mm buff# 16 mm

As a specialized dry polishing pad manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only polishing pad, but also diamond core bit, general purpose blade, masonry saw, woodworking saw blade and much more.

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