Aluminum Cup Wheel

Aluminum Cup Wheel

The aluminum cup wheel is specially designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools. It's used in grinding all kinds of concrete and other natural stones of medium hardness like granite and bricks. The aluminum cup wheel includes a wheel body and several diamond segments. The wheel body supports the diamond segments while they grind. Because is made of aluminum, this cup wheel is much lighter than common cup wheels.

So the aluminum cup wheel has a higher working speed and better efficiency. The rich experience of BOSUN in electrochemical deposition process guarantees a high precision of the aluminum cup wheel. Another advantage is its reasonable cost given the low price of aluminum in the market. All the products are strictly examined by force-balanced tests to make sure that they all have excellent stable performance. Consequently, there will be little deviation during operation and the materials to be ground will be cleaner and smoother. Its unique cup shape helps the aluminum cup wheel to dispose waste more efficiently and prevent jams. The aluminum cup wheel is also suitable to be used in angle grinders.

At BOSUN we provide two models of aluminum cup wheels for clients, CWL04004 and CWL04007. The detailed parameters are listed below.

Specifications of the Aluminum Cup Wheels

Item No. Diameter Seg. Nr. Seg size(H) Arbor
CWL04004 100mm 36 4.5mm M14
CWL04007 100mm 36 4.5mm 22.23mm

Our company is a specialized aluminum cup wheel manufacturer in China. We provide a wide variety of products, including general purpose blade, floor grinding machine, hammer drill, universal saw blade and more.

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