Double Row Cup Wheel

The double row cup wheel is specially designed by BOSUN to grind and polish the incised stones to make them more flat and smooth. As a good grinding tool is the key to a good processing effect, we recommend our double row cup wheel as first choice. The double row cup wheel is a wheel body with diamond segments welded, which contains diamond grits and agglutinant. Moreover, the corners of the material will be processed as well as the other parts.

The double row structure makes the surface area of the diamond segments much bigger than common ones and contributes to its high efficiency when dealing with heavy work. Agglutinant of the diamond segments is chosen according to the specific diamond grits, thus its abrasion rate will be in step with the exposure of new diamond grits. In this way the segment of the double row cup wheel will always be sharp and a good grinding effect is achieved. With a long service life, the double row cup wheel is very cost effective and very suitable to grind or process building materials.

There are two series of double row cup wheel, CWD and CWC, each of which consists of a number of models to choose.

Specifications of Double Row Cup Wheel Series CWD

Item No. Diameter Seg . Nr. Seg size L x W x H Arbor Double Row Cup Wheel
CWD04007 102 mm 14 34 (22) × 6 × 8 mm 22.23 mm
CWD4.5007 115 mm 18 31 (23) × 8 × 5 mm 22.23 mm
CWD05007 125 mm 18 35 (27.5) × 8 × 6 mm 22.23 mm
CWD07007 176 mm 24 36 (29) × 8.5 × 5 mm 22.23 mm

Specifications of Double Row Cup Wheel Series CWC

Item No. Diameter Seg. Nr. Seg size L x W x H Arbor Double Row Cup Wheel
CWC04107 100 mm 10 25 × 6.5 × 6 mm 22.23 mm
CWC4.5127 115 mm 12 25 × 6.5 × 6 mm 22.23 mm
CWC05157 125 mm 15 25 × 6.5 × 6 mm 22.23 mm
CWC07187 180 mm 18 25 × 6.5 × 6 mm 22.23 mm

We are a major double row cup wheel manufacturer in China. Apart from diamond cup wheel, we also offer general purpose blade, polishing pad, universal saw blade, floor grinding machine and much more.

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