Single Row Cup Wheel

Single Row Cup Wheel

The single row cup wheel is a metal-bonded diamond tool used to grind building materials like stones and concrete. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools, BOSUN offers all types of diamond grinding cup wheel. The single row cup wheel is widely applied in grinding and polishing materials of medium hardness such as granite, bricks and marble.

The single row cup wheel has excellent performance in grinding surfaces and is especially suitable in grinding and polishing marble and granite. Diamond grits are utilized as the abrasive material to grind. To fit different uses, we offer single row cup wheels of different diamond grits with different diamond quality and diamond concentration.

Producing little heat while grinding, the single row cup wheel prevents the materials from burning or breaking and slows down the depreciation of equipments. The single row cup wheel has great advantage in disposing waste to keep the wheel body from being jammed and the diamond segments from being blunt. Additionally, the diamond segments are sharp enough to grind hard materials fast and smoothly.

Specifications of Single Row Cup Wheel

Item No. Diameter Seg. Nr. Seg size L x W x H Arbor
CWA04007 102 mm 7 34 × 8 × 5 mm 22.23 mm
CWA4.5007 115 mm 9 31 × 5 × 8 mm 22.23 mm
CWA05007 125 mm 9 35 × 6 × 8 mm 22.23 mm
CWA07007 180 mm 12 36 × 6 × 8.5 mm 22.23 mm

As a China-based single row cup wheel manufacturer, BOSUN offers various types of products such as a PCD cup wheel, special steel cutting saw blade, concrete blade and general purpose blade.

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    1. Double Row Cup WheelThe double row cup wheel is specially designed by BOSUN to grind and polish the incised stones to make them more flat and smooth. As a good grinding tool is the key to a good processing effect, we recommend our double row cup wheel as first choice. The double row cup wheel is a wheel body with diamond segments welded, which contains diamond grits and agglutinant. Moreover, the corners of the material will be processed as well as the other parts.
    1. Turbo Cup WheelThe turbo cup wheel is a diamond tool made of diamond grits and metallic bond. It has a round wheel body with through-holes. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools, BOSUN provides all kinds of turbo cup wheels, which are very suitable for grinding concrete and street, as well as marble, granite, bricks, etc. The diamond segments of the turbo cup wheel are placed evenly in the shape of a turbine.