Diamond Core Bits

The diamond core bit is designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools, to drill reinforced concrete, abrasive concrete, asphalt, bricks, granite, marbles and other construction materials. The diamond core bit features simple structure and good performance of strength, wear-resistance and impact resistance.

With high sharpness, the diamond core bit can drill hard stones efficiently and reduce labor intensity. In order to improve the stability, BOSUN increased the body and blade height of their side, so the drill can be dynamically balanced during high-speed rotation.

This design also helps to reduce vibration and keep drill holes in good quality. Furthermore, BOSUN adopts advanced technology of braze welding to make diamonds solidly embedded in the drill and strengthen the connection between the drill and the metal part. Thus the drill will not simply drop off during operation. The diamond core bit can be used in table or hand drills and there will be no teeth burn even after long time operation.

We provide different series of diamond core bit such as ZBWS, ZLWS, ZLDJ, ZLDB, ZTB and ZLTB. Customers can choose core bits of different diamond granularity according to the materials to be drilled. If the stone to be drilled is hard and solid, core bits of smaller granularity are preferred. The blunt diamonds would drop off and new ones come into operation automatically. If the stone is less solid, the customer can choose core bits of larger granularity to keep a large exposure of blade in the head of the drill, thus the drill will gain a bigger drilling depth and faster drilling speed. Detailed parameters of the diamond core bit are listed below.

Dimensions of the Diamond Core Bit Series ZBWS and ZLWS

Item No. Diameter Working Lenght Seg.Nr. Segment size Thread Diamond Core Bits

ZBWS016 16mm 300mm 1 9x3.2mm 1/2R
ZBWS018 18mm 300mm 1 9x3.2mm 1/2R
ZBWS020 20mm 300mm 1 9x3.2mm 1/2R
ZBWS022 22mm 300mm 1 9x3.2mm 1/2R
ZBWS024 24mm 300mm 3 15.5x3x9mm 1/2R
ZBWS025 25mm 300mm 3 15x3x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS028 28mm 300mm 3 15x3.2x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS030 30mm 300mm 3 15x3.2x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS032 32mm 300mm 4 15x3.2x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS036 36mm 300mm 4 15x3.2x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS038 38mm 400mm 5 15x3.2x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS040 40mm 400mm 5 15x3.2x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS042 42mm 400mm 5 15x3.2x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS047 47mm 400mm 4 24x3.5x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS051 51mm 400mm 5 20x3.5x9mm 1/2R
ZLWS051 51mm 450mm 5 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS063 63mm 450mm 6 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS068 68mm 450mm 6 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS078 78mm 450mm 7 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS082 82mm 450mm 7 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS092 92mm 450mm 8 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS102 102mm 450mm 9 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS108 108mm 450mm 9 24x3.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS112 112mm 450mm 9 24x4x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS122 122mm 450mm 10 24x4x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS127 127mm 450mm 11 24x4x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS132 132mm 450mm 11 24x4x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS152 152mm 450mm 12 24x4.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS162 162mm 450mm 12 24x4.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS172 172mm 450mm 12 24x4.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS182 182mm 450mm 13 24x4.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS202 202mm 450mm 15 24x4.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS212 212mm 450mm 16 24x4.5x9mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS225 225mm 450mm 15 24x4.5x8.5mm 1-1/4UNC
ZLWS250 250mm 450mm 16 24x4.5x8.5mm 1-1/4UNC
ZBWS300 300mm 450mm 17 24x4.5x8.5mm 1-1/4UNC
ZBWS350 350mm 450mm 20 24x5x8.5mm 1-1/4UNC

Dimensions of the Diamond Core Bit Series ZLDJ

Item No. Diameter Workng Lenght Seg.Nr. Segment size thread Diamond Core Bits
ZLDJ068 68mm 70mm 4 24x3.5x10mm M16
ZLDJ082 82mm 70mm 4 24x3.5x10mm M16

Dimensions of the Diamond Core Bit Series ZLDBTs

ZLDBTs Diamond Core Bits
Item No. Diameter Working Length Seg. Nr. Segment size thread
ZLDBTs068 68mm 70mm 3 24x3.5x9mm M16
ZLDBTs082 82mm 70mm 4 24x3.5x9mm M16
Dimensions of the Diamond Core Bit Series ZLDBv
Item No. Diameter Working Length Seg. Nr. Segment size thread
ZLDBv068 68mm 70mm 4 24x3.7x7mm M16
ZLDBv082 82mm 70mm 4 24x3.7x7mm M16

Dimensions of ZTB Series of Diamond Core Bits

Item No. Diameter Working Lenght Segment size(h) Thread Connect Diamond Core Bits
ZBTS020 20mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 11 △ / ○
ZBTB025 25mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 11 △ / ○
ZLTB030 30mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 11 △ / ○
ZLTB035 35mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 11 △ / ○
ZLTB040 40mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 11 △ / ○
ZLTB045 45mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 11 △ / ○
ZLTB051 51mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 11 △ / ○
ZLTB055 55mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 10 △ / ○
ZLTB060 60mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 10 △ / ○
ZLTB065 65mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 10 △ / ○
ZLTB070 70mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 10 △ / ○
ZLTB076 76mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 10 △ / ○
ZLTB080 80mm 45mm 8 mm Φ 10 △ / ○

BOSUN is a specialized diamond core bit manufacturer based in China. Our company offers a broad range of products, including concrete blade, floor saw, masonry saw, special steel cutting saw blade and more.

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