Uniform Distribution Diamond Blade

Uniform Distribution Diamond Blade

The uniform distribution diamond blade has, as indicating from its name, the diamond powder uniformly arranged. During the cutting process the use ratio of diamond powder reaches maximum, on this way, its cutting efficiency rises. Compare with same products, the cutting speed increases by 30-50% and its service life by 20-30%
The uniform distribution diamond blade has line up diamond grits precisely in special three dimensional patterns. During cutting will appear a few straight cutting-grooves (cutting-channel just like orbits) which lead to straight cutting. The cutting edge will always keep flat and never change to round shape at the transverse section.

The segment of the uniform distribution diamond blade is trapezoid with the upper part wide and the bottom narrow. It will reduce the resistance during cutting. The diamonds on the side-face are fine and protrude providing fast cutting.

Specifications of the Uniform Distribution Diamond Blade

Diameter Thickness (mm)
3.2 3.6 4.0 4.4 4.8












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