Professional Blades

    1. Concrete BladesThe concrete blade is designed for the Brazilian market as there is great demand for concrete with the coming FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016 creating many opportunities in the construction field. As a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, BOSUN developed the concrete blade to meet such demand and help you seize these opportunities.
      A common diamond blade can hardly be satisfying in cutting concrete because ...
    1. Tile Diamond BladesThe tile diamond blade is specifically designed to cut porcelain tile, marble and granite. The thin core and fine turbo design delivers easier, smoother, faster and chipping-free cutting.
      As a specialized tile diamond blade manufacturer and supplier in China, BOSUN also produces diamond cup wheel, special steel cutting saw blade, general purpose blade, floor grinding machine, and much more.
    1. Concrete Blades, Asphalt BladesThe concrete blade and asphalt blade are specially designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools based in China. They replace traditional diamond blades to cut abradant materials like asphalt and green concrete. They come with strong degree of consolidation and a loose structure. The concrete blade and asphalt blade consist of a cutting blade and a supporting body that is attached to the blade.
    1. Granite Diamond BladesThe granite diamond blade is professionally designed to cut and process granite. As granite is stable, hard to deform and has good abrasion and plasticity performance, it takes 80% of the decoration stones market. However, granite requires better processing techniques and equipment because its hardness reaches 7 and has a tight structure. If improper granite diamond blade is used, granite would be damaged and workers may get injured.

BOSUN is a China-based professional blade manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as diamond core bit, general purpose blade, floor grinding machine and steel cutting saw blade.

Other products
    1. Uniform Distribution Diamond BladeThe uniform distribution diamond blade has, as indicating from its name, the diamond powder uniformly arranged. During the cutting process the use ratio of diamond powder reaches maximum, on this way, its cutting efficiency rises. Compare with same products, the cutting speed increases by 30-50% and its service life by 20-30%.
      The uniform distribution diamond blade has line up diamond grits precisely in ...
    1. Diamond Core BitsThe diamond core bit is designed by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools, to drill reinforced concrete, abrasive concrete, asphalt, bricks, granite, marbles and other construction materials. The diamond core bit features simple structure and good performance of strength, wear-resistance and impact resistance.
      With high sharpness, the diamond core bit can drill hard stones efficiently and reduce labor intensity.