Granite Diamond Blades

The granite diamond blade is professionally designed to cut and process granite. As granite is stable, hard to deform and has good abrasion and plasticity performance, it takes 80% of the decoration stones market. However, granite requires better processing techniques and equipment because its hardness reaches 7 and has a tight structure. If improper granite diamond blade is used, granite would be damaged and workers may get injured.

At BOSUN we offer all kinds of granite diamond blades that are specially intended for hard stones like granite. Our blades use diamonds of high strength and low concentration to ensure high efficiency in cutting hard stones. And in order to keep a sharp blade, soft agglutinant is also adopted so that used diamonds would drop off as soon as they are blunt and new diamonds will appear and operate on time.

The granite diamond blade is made with unique narrow teeth which help to cut hard materials like granite and bricks faster and smoother. Featured a small size of 4'' to 14'', the granite diamond blade can cut more precisely and neatly without breaking stones. In addition, the blades are very stable after continuous operation and generate no sparkles. Compared to similar products, the granite diamond blade is 50% longer in service life and it operates with high-speed saws and table saws.

BOSUN provides three series of granite diamond blades, RTBK, RTS and RHT. There are many specific models in each series. Detailed parameters and dimensions are listed below.

Dimensions of the Granite Diamond Blade Series RTBK

Item No. Diameter Width Arbor Segment Height Granite Diamond Blades
RTBK4.5367 115mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTBK05367 125 mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTBK06367 150mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTBK07467 180 mm 2.4mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTBK09567 230 mm 2.6mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTBK12762 300 mm 3.0mm 20mm 10mm
RTBK14761 350 mm 3.2mm 25.4mm 10mm

Dimensions of the Granite Diamond Blade Series RTS

Item No. Diameter Width Arbor Segment Height Granite Diamond Blades
RTS04267 105mm 2.0mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTS4.5367 115mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTS05367 125mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTS06367 150mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTS07567 180mm 2.6mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTS09667 230mm 2.8mm 22.23mm 10mm
RTS12772 300mm 3.2mm 20mm 12mm
RTS14771 350mm 3.2mm 25.4mm 12mm

Dimensions of the Granite Diamond Blade Series RHT

Item No. Diameter Width Arbor Segment Height Granite Diamond Blades
RHT45327 115mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 8mm
RHT05327 125 mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 8mm
RHT06427 150mm 2.2mm 22.23mm 8mm
RHT07427 180 mm 2.4mm 22.23mm 8mm
RHT09527 230 mm 2.6mm 22.23mm 8mm

As a specialized granite diamond blade manufacturer in China, BOSUN provide a comprehensive line of products that includes diamond core bit, floor grinding machine, general purpose blade, masonry saw and more.

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