TOP Tile Diamond Blade

TOP Tile Diamond Blade

Singapore Top series tile diamond blades

The TOP tile diamond blade is specially designed for Singapore market by BOSUN, a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools. As the structure of porcelain tile is hard and brittle, common diamond blades may cause broken or damage on the tile's edge during cutting, but with the TOP tile diamond blade it is no longer a problem.

Specially designed for professional users, the TOP tile diamond blade comes with a diameter of 105 mm and thickness of 2 mm. Such a thin body makes the blade faster and smoother during cutting. The TOP tile diamond blades are specifically designed with thin segments warranting the fast speed when cutting hard stones like granite and marble.

The attrition degree of blade is in step with the chipping of diamonds because of reasonable ingredients proportion. So the diamond would be exposed soon enough to ensure the sharpness as well as excellent cutting effect of the blade. It also can be applied with angle grinders and marble machines. With a good abrasion performance, a long service life and a reasonable price, the TOP tile diamond blade is the best choice.

Specifications and Dimensions of Top Tile Diamond Blade

Item No. Diameter Height Thickness Type Bore
7002 105 8 2.0 Turbo 20/16

We are a professional tile diamond blade manufacturer in China. We offer a variety of products, including concrete blade, general purpose blade, floor grinding machine, universal steel cutting saw blade and more.

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