Tile Diamond Blade

Tile Diamond Blades

Tile diamond blades for Brazil

The tile diamond blade is specially designed for the Brazilian market to meet the great demand for porcelain tile tools. It differs from common diamond blades because they prevent edge broken or damage when cutting porcelain tiles. With diamond in their edge, the hardest material on earth, the tile diamond blades can be used to cut and process any kind of hard or brittle material.

The tile diamond blade is designed by BOSUN to cut porcelain tile, marble, and granite. Compared to common blades, the tile diamond blade has a super thin core which reduces the cutting resistance and enables a faster cutting speed. This leads to a superb cutting effect where the porcelain tiles edge has no splinters. Manufactured with thermo compression and sintering technology, the tile diamond blade comes with a diameter of 110 mm and a continuous segment on the blade making a precise cutting.

The tile diamond blade can be used in both dry cutting and wet cutting, but we recommend to use it in wet with water to make the kerfs smoother and flatter. It also can be adapted in angle grinders and marble machines.

Specifications of the Tile Diamond Blade

CODE Diam (mm) Esp (mm) Hole (mm) Specification MAX RPM Features
B2-CP 110 1.5 20 Stepless 13900 Only for ceramics and porcelain. High performance

As an experienced tile diamond blade manufacturer in China, we provide a comprehensive range of products that includes general purpose blade, double row cup wheel, PCD cup wheel, masonry saw and more.

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