TOP General Purpose Blade

TOP General Purpose Blade

The BOSUN TOP general purpose blade has better performance than other ordinary general purpose blades and is widely used in cutting concrete, cement floors, marbles, bricks, tiles, glasses, ceramics and other hard and fine materials. With segmented saw-teeth, it has very fast cutting speed.

TOP general purpose blade has 105 mm in diameter and 1.8 mm in thickness. More advantageous than ordinary blades, the general purpose blade can be used to cut exceedingly hard stones such as reinforced concrete, hard bricks and ceramics. The deformation of the blade is very slight while cutting, thus the abrasion is reduced and service life is extended. During their operation, the general purpose blade shows little extrusion towards the stones completing the whole cutting process without big deformation. This progress contributes to improve the cutting effect.

TOP general purpose blade is able to cut hard stones like granite and hard bricks using traditional dry-cutting method, instead of the complex wet cutting way. So our blades are very convenient to use with higher efficiency. Above all, the TOP general purpose blade has a very reasonable price over superb performance.

Specifications of TOP General Purpose Blade

Item No. Diameter Height Thickness Type Bore
8018 105 8 1.8 Segmented 20/16

We are a professional general purpose blade manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including uniform distribution diamond blade, concrete blade, PCD cup wheel and floor grinding machine among others.

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    1. F1 General Purpose BladeThe F1 general purpose blade consists of a main body and a rigid cutting blade that contains diamond. Based on the customers' requirements, the general purpose blade can be used in the traditional dry cutting as well as wet cutting with water. After cutting, the kerfs will be smooth and no damage would be made with the edge. BOSUN adopts advanced welding technology to strengthen the adhesion between the body and blade, so the blade would not drop off easily and good durability is guaranteed.
    1. F2 General Purpose BladeThe F2 general purpose blade has been designed to be a stone cutting tool. It adopts a high quality body and guarantees an excellent cutting effect. The cutting edge of the blade contains diamond, so the blade is very rigid and can be used to cut all kinds of hard or brittle materials. No fissures or breakage would be made to the objects to be cut. It is generally adaptive to cutting concrete, cement floors, cement tiles, bricks, tiles, glass, ceramics, refractory bricks and other hard or brittle construction materials.