SPEEDCUT General Purpose Blade

SPEEDCUT General Purpose Blade

With a new type of concrete which is environmentally friendly and about to be widely used in construction in the coming years, the SPEEDCUT general purpose blade has been invented in Singapore recently. As a professional manufacturer of diamond tools, BOSUN has supplied all kinds of general purpose diamond blades worldwide. The general purpose blade along with the new concrete will have a very promising future around the world.

The general purpose blade is a cutting tool designed to cut stones. It consists of a main body to support and a blade to cut. As the metal of the blade contains diamond, it can be used in cutting all kinds of hard objects. The general purpose blades have been indispensable in construction, oil detection, geology, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electronics, automobile, and other industries.

Compared to other general purpose blades, the SPEEDCUT has faster cutting speed. With a thinner body, the blades will meet smaller resistance while cutting. Its blade is sharp to cut faster and smoother with high efficiency. The SPEEDCUT general purpose blade is generally adaptable using with angle grinders and marble machines and it deals with almost all kinds of materials. It is applicable for dry or wet cutting with water or oil. The general purpose blade comes with a 105 mm diameter and a thickness of 1.8 mm. Due to the unique saw-teeth structure, it features faster cutting speed and longer service life.

Specifications of the SPEEDCUT General Purpose Blade

Item No. Diameter Height Thickness Type Bore
8005 105 8 1.8 Segmented 20/16

As an experienced general purpose blade manufacturer based in China, we provide a broad range of products that includes diamond core bit, masonry saw, double row cup wheel, universal saw blade and more.

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