MOTOR General Purpose Blade

MOTOR General Purpose Blade

At BOSUN we strictly control materials to guarantee the excellence of our products. The MOTOR general purpose blade adopts diamond and other solid materials. It is processed by hot compression technology which greatly improves the sharpness of the blades' cutting edge. As smooth and flat the cutting surface is, there will be no fragments on the cutting edge as well.

As the general purpose blade is laser welded, adhesion between blade and body will be strengthened and the blade will no longer drop off easily. The general purpose blade has longer service life and better durability. It has passed scientifically designed force-balance tests showing excellent balancing performance and no deviation or shaking. This guarantees an exceeding accuracy during their cutting process.

The MOTOR general purpose blade can be used to cut different kinds of stones with no restrictions. It can be used in cutting concrete, cement floors, bricks, tiles and other hard stones, as well as delicate materials like ceramics. The general purpose blade is adaptive to angle grinders and marble machines and is widely applied in construction. Dry cutting and wet cutting are both applicable. BOSUN offers two models of general purpose blades to meet your requirements.

Specifications of the MOTOR General Purpose Blade Models

Item No. Diameter Height Thickness Type Bore
6153 105 8 1.8 Segmented 20/16
6158 105 8 2.0 Turbo 20/16

As a China-based general purpose blade manufacturer and supplier, BOSUN also offers concrete blade, asphalt blade, special steel cutting saw blade, floor grinding machine and much more.

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