F1 General Purpose Blade

F1 General Purpose Blade

The F1 general purpose blade consists of a main body and a rigid cutting blade that contains diamond. Based on the customers' requirements, the general purpose blade can be used in the traditional dry cutting as well as wet cutting with water. After cutting, the kerfs will be smooth and no damage would be made with the edge. BOSUN adopts advanced welding technology to strengthen the adhesion between the body and blade, so the blade would not drop off easily and good durability is guaranteed.

The general purpose blade is suitable for marble machines and angle grinders and is widely used in architecture, construction, oil detection, geology, metallurgy, mechanical industry and so on. It is suitable to cut hard and brittle materials, especially nonmetal. For instance, it can be used to cut different kinds of stones including rigid granite and delicate ceramic stones.

There are three models of the F1 general purpose blades: F1-CO, F1-GE and F1-CE. The F1-CO is a universal segmented blade with fast cutting speed and excellent finishing. The F1-GE is a universal blade carved with turbine pattern on two sides. These symmetrical concave and convex on the blade will reduce the touching area between blades and stones to be cut. With this design, the general purpose blade F1-GE has gained great advantage in cooling and waste disposal and long service life. The F1-GE blade allows processing in large scale and massive production. The general purpose blade F1-CE is a universal continuous edge blade.

Specifications of the F1 General Purpose Blade

CODE Diam (mm) Esp (mm) Hole (mm) Specification RPM MAX Features
F1-CO 110 1.7 20 Segmented 13900 For use in concrete, cement floors, tile and brick, abrasive. Excellent finishing.
F1-GE 105 2.1 20 Turbo 13900 For use on granite, marble, slate, concrete and reinforced concrete. High yielding.
F1-CE 110 1.2 20 Stepless 13900 For use on ceramic, tile, porcelain, marble and masonry. Fine finishing.

We are a primary general purpose blade manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide array of products, including double row cup wheel, PCD grinder head, special steel cutting saw blade and more. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of general blades in China, BOSUN provides all variety of products that can meet different requirements of customers.

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    1. F2 General Purpose BladeThe F2 general purpose blade has been designed to be a stone cutting tool. It adopts a high quality body and guarantees an excellent cutting effect. The cutting edge of the blade contains diamond, so the blade is very rigid and can be used to cut all kinds of hard or brittle materials. No fissures or breakage would be made to the objects to be cut. It is generally adaptive to cutting concrete, cement floors, cement tiles, bricks, tiles, glass, ceramics, refractory bricks and other hard or brittle construction materials.
    1. MOTOR General Purpose BladeAt BOSUN we strictly control materials to guarantee the excellence of our products. The MOTOR general purpose blade adopts diamond and other solid materials. It is processed by hot compression technology which greatly improves the sharpness of the blades' cutting edge. As smooth and flat the cutting surface is, there will be no fragments on the cutting edge as well.
      As the general purpose blade is laser welded, adhesion between blade ...